Marcum & Wallace Re-verified as Level IV Trauma Center

 Marcum & Wallace Hospital (MWMH) was Kentucky’s first Level IV Trauma Center and will remain a part of the Kentucky Trauma Care System after passing re-verification recently. The facility was re-verified with no discrepancies and was cited as a “prototype” organization for trauma.

In 2012, MWMH was a part of the inaugural group of hospitals designated into Kentucky’s Trauma Care System. The system was put in place to get “the right patient to the right place at the right time.” To be designated a Level IV trauma center, certain resources must be available at the facility. Initial trauma care is performed locally and then patients are transferred to a higher level of trauma care, if necessary. MWMH has access to standardized education for clinicians and procedures for a “trauma alert.”

The MWMH Emergency Department serves nearly 14,000 adult and pediatric patients annually.

“It’s about working together for our patients,” said Susan Starling, MWMH President & CEO. “EMS, clinicians and hospital staff utilize a best-practice system that exists to get our patients the most appropriate care in the least amount of time. Time is precious when we are in traumatic situations. Patients have a better chance to survival when they are given care within the golden hour – sixty minutes within the injury.”

In March 2008, Kentucky Lawmakers passed House Bill 371 which established the initial framework of a statewide trauma system and the formation of the Kentucky Trauma Advisory Committee.