St. Rita’s first in region to offer device designed to help reduce risk of recurrent ischemic strokes

(LIMA; January 23, 2017) St. Rita’s Health Partners is the first medical center in Lima and its 10- county service region to offer AMPLATZER™ PFO Occluder. This is a newly-approved medical device that is designed to help reduce the risk of recurrent ischemic strokes in patients diagnosed with a patent foramen ovale (PFO), or commonly known as “hole in the heart.”

PFO is a common condition that affects an estimated 25 percent of adults. This is a small opening between the upper chambers of the heart. Although many will have no adverse health effects, some will be affected and are at-risk for stroke.

AMPLATZER™ PFO Occluder is the first and only FDA-approved device designed to close the PFO and lower the risk of stroke caused by dangerous clots passing between the heart chambers and up to the brain.

Dr. Hemraj Makwana, interventional cardiologist at St. Rita's, is the first doctor to implant this device into a patient in the area. Inserting the AMPLATZER™ PFO Occluder is a minimally invasive procedure.

“Those who have PFO will not know they have this until they have a stroke,” said Dr. Makwana. “Once this is determined, we can use this newly-innovative technology to reduce the risk of a second stroke, and to treat and improve patient outcomes. This new procedure will certainly benefit our patients who are affected.”

The manufacturer of AMPLATZER™ PFO Occluder is St. Jude Medical. The device was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in November 2016 for commercial use in the U.S.

We are honored to offer this newly-approved technology to the community and providing patients with more advanced healthcare options. For additional information, please contact Jennifer Davis, certified nurse practitioner at The Structural Heart Clinic at 419-996-2714.