St. Rita's and Perry High School team up for hands-on learning opportunity

(LIMA; March 6, 2017) With high school graduation approaching seniors are beginning to get an idea of where their career interests will lead them. Some seniors are even getting a hands-on learning opportunity to see if a healthcare setting might be where they build their future careers.

On Tuesday, March 7, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., 25 Perry High School Seniors will be taking the day to explore St. Rita’s Health Partners. They will have the chance to meet with directors in both the clinical and corporate side of healthcare.

“Job shadowing is a key component of our senior studies class. Preparing students for what is to come after high school is important in helping them transition and be successful after high school,” Angie Bender, teacher at Perry High School, said. “Career shadowing and experiences like what St. Rita’s is providing to students is invaluable.”

Throughout the day students will have the opportunity to explore day-to day operations. They will also get the chance to talk with individuals who hold key positions within the medical center. The students’ itinerary includes touring the nursing units, radiology and having a group session with those in the corporate setting.

“As an active part of the community, it’s important that we provide opportunities for our youth to learn and grow as professionals,” Jean Hohlbein, community liaison & events coordinator, said. “We are happy to coordinate these types of hands-on learning options with our local schools, and helping these students on their journey to choosing the best career path based on their interests.”

Perry High School and St. Rita’s looks forward to teaming up and providing an educational and hands-on learning opportunity for these graduating seniors.