Mercy New Life Hospice patient gets final wish of seeing his daughter marry

As a Mercy New Life Hospice patient at Northridge Health Center, Oscar Dailey had a final wish – to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. Unfortunately, due to his health, he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to do so.  His daughter, Kerri Daily-Hoover also shared in his wish, but had resigned herself to being married at the courthouse.

Oscar had shared this wish with his Mercy New Life Hospice nurse, Debbie Kraly, RN.

She knew that the family wanted their father present at the wedding, so she suggested that they hold the wedding in his room at Northridge Health Center.

“My finance and I looked at each other and made the decision then and there,” exclaimed Kerri. “This was such a gift that we could be married with my Dad present.”

It was literally all hands on deck as the staff from Mercy New Life Hospice and Northridge Health Center went to work to create a beautiful wedding for the long-time couple. “The staff brought in a wedding cake, a bouquet and boutonniere and even champagne so that they could enjoy a reception.”

Mercy New Life Hospice Chaplain John Jackson was onsite and married the couple, and guests included family, most of the hospice team caring for Oscar, along with staff from Northridge. “My Dad was so alert – the most he had been in days. He cried tears of joy to be able to witness our ceremony and even clapped when we were pronounced husband and wife!

“This was a bittersweet moment and a perfect experience. Nothing has meant more to me in my life as having my Dad witness our vows.”

Kerri continued, “This location was meant to be, as my husband and I met at Northridge 10 years ago when I worked in the front office and both of our mothers were patients. It’s like we had come full circle.”

Kerri said that the staff at Mercy New Life Hospice and Northridge Health Center worked as a team to make her father’s last week of life special. “They gave a great gift to us and honored a dying man’s wish.

“The Mercy New Life Hospice staff – particularly Debbie and Chaplain John – would call when I was at my lowest point. It was that constant care of our entire family that made this a comforting experience for our family. I cannot imagine that it could have been any better than it was. We are forever grateful for the love and compassion we received while Dad was in their care.”

“Sometimes healing ministry does not come in the form of physically healing the human body, but instead it comes from working with our patients and their families in doing what we are able to in order to begin their emotional and spiritual healing process,” said Debbie. “We were honored to help this family share this special moment.”

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