SpineMap 3D Allows for Minimally Invasive Surgery – Yielding Improved Outcomes for Spine Patients

Mercy Health — Lorain Hospital continues to invest and implement the newest and most innovative technologies for patient care. These technologies not only allow physicians to perform advanced surgeries close to home but have also significantly improved outcomes for patients receiving these procedures and therapies.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders, 80% of Americans have admitted to having back pain at some point in their life. That is why Mercy Health – Lorain has just unveiled the latest spine surgery technology from Stryker – SpineMap 3D. This new software and equipment package enhances the patient’s experience by using real-time scans of their anatomy and integrated instrumentation to increase accuracy and precise placement of hardware in spine patients.

With the use of enhanced imaging and a new instrument called SpineMask; surgeons are able to utilize minimally invasive access points. Smaller incisions allow patients to heal quicker and with less pain. Using the system’s 3D modeling, images of the patient’s spine are available in real-time, permitting the surgeon to adjust their technique as needed. Through increased visibility, outcomes benefit from improved precision and accuracy of hardware placement, ultimately improving the effectiveness of the repair.

“This technology gives our spine surgeons at Mercy Health yet another tool to provide less invasive surgeries and view very high-quality images to guide our process.” Said Dr. Mario Sertich, Neurosurgeon at Mercy Health – Lorain.

Mercy continues to be responsive in the changing needs of the community and is proud to be ranked in the Top 100 Hospitals in the Country for Spine surgery by Healthgrades each year. Mercy Health – Lorain is the first health system in Lorain County to offer this technology.

Mercy Health – Lorain remains committed to building a healthier community – mind, body and spirit. For more than 125 years, Mercy Health has provided high-quality, compassionate care to those throughout Lorain County in addition to bringing innovative technologies and therapies to the backyard of our residents.