IMPACT Lourdes, the women’s philanthropy group that supports the Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes, has awarded its annual grants to benefit Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital. IMPACT Lourdes members voted to award funding for a noise canceling system for the emergency department and for renovations that will benefit the hospital’s new lymphedema and pelvic floor rehabilitation programs.

The sound masking system for Lourdes’ emergency department will enhance patient privacy. Patients and physicians can discuss sensitive medical issues with assurance the sound of their conversations will not travel. The sound masking system will produce a low level of unobtrusive background sound engineered to protect confidentiality and reduce distractions by reducing the intelligibility of speech at a distance.

The funding for the hospital’s therapy programs will allow for renovations to Lourdes Outpatient Rehabilitation Department. The renovations include new treatment tables, paint, essential oils, hot towels and soothing music that will benefit patients undergoing pelvic floor rehab, a non-surgical approach to help dysfunctions in the pelvis that contribute to bowel, bladder, sexual health, and pain complaints.

Additionally, the funding from IMPACT Lourdes will be utilized to purchase a bariatric table for the hospital’s new lymphedema program. Lymphedema is an accumulation of fluids and protein in tissue and is very common in breast cancer patients after cancer removal surgery. The new therapy is for patients whose lymphedema is the result of cancer treatment, surgery, wounds or trauma.

IMPACT Lourdes members are dedicated to the community and access to quality healthcare. Members pay membership dues that are used annually to support a program or project at Mercy Health - Lourdes Hospital through the IMPACT grant. Presentations are made by the clinicians or program directors and IMPACT Lourdes members vote on utilizing the available funds. 

“Our patients will be positively impacted by both the added privacy in our emergency department as well as all of the enhancements that will result from the renovations and additions to our outpatient rehab area,” said Jessica Toren, president the Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes. “We are grateful to the members of IMPACT Lourdes for the way their philanthropy allows us to enhance the care we provide to the region.”

The ladies of IMPACT Lourdes have granted more than $300,000 to projects since the program began in 2010. For more information about IMPACT Lourdes or Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes, call (270) 444-2353.