IMPACT Lourdes, the women’s philanthropy group that supports the Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes, has awarded its annual grant to benefit Mercy Health — Lourdes Hospital. IMPACT Lourdes members voted to award $30,000 to purchase the MarginProbe system, equipment that assists in detecting cancerous breast tissue.

With MarginProbe, surgeons can assess breast tissue in the operating room to give them greater confidence that they successfully removed all the cancer in the first lumpectomy surgery. “Thank you to all the members of IMPACT Lourdes for supporting our MarginProbe project,” said surgeon Dr. Daniel Howard. “We already had one of the best breast cancer operations in the community and region, and thanks to IMPACT it’s now even better. Our breast cancer re-operation rate with this equipment is less than two percent while the national average is 16 percent. We anticipate our MarginProbe equipment will benefit more than 200 lives each year thanks to the generosity of IMPACT Lourdes.” Dr. Howard is a general surgeon with Mercy Health who specializes in breast cancer surgery. 

The MarginProbe system uses radio-frequency electrical fields to identify possibly cancerous tissue. By assisting surgeons in determining how much tissue needs to be removed, the MarginProbe system makes it less likely that a woman will need more surgery after her lumpectomy. 

IMPACT Lourdes members are dedicated to the community and access to quality healthcare. Members pay membership dues that are used annually to support a program or project at Mercy Health — Lourdes Hospital through the IMPACT grant. Presentations are made by the clinicians or program directors and IMPACT Lourdes members vote on utilizing the available funds. 

“The MarginProbe system is making an impact on the lives of so many women,” said Jessica Toren, president the Mercy Health Foundation Lourdes. “We are grateful to IMPACT Lourdes for assisting in bringing this system to our community. The philanthropic work of these ladies continues to inspire.”

Ladies of IMPACT Lourdes have granted more than $250,000 to projects since the program began in 2010.