Mercy Health — Lourdes Hospital announces the completion of construction on a new, 2,600 square foot operating room and a specialized endoscopy suite.
The new operating room helps medical staff maneuver more easily and work in greater comfort while performing advanced, robotic-assisted procedures.
“As time has gone on, newer surgical technology is associated with larger equipment, such as the da Vinci robot. Architects designed older operating rooms when open procedures were the norm, and they’re really not the right size to accommodate laparoscopic or robotic cases,” says Mercy Health — Kentucky Chief Clinical Officer Jenny Franke, MD. 
“Our new operating room is very spacious and will accommodate robotic and navigational equipment, as well as the surgical team, patient and patient bed comfortably. It also comes with its own storage area to keep the equipment clean and safe,” said Mercy Health — Kentucky President Michael Yungmann.
The other new room is a specialized endoscopy room that allows for more advanced scope procedures that may require general anesthesia. Examples include:
ERCP, which stands for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, a procedure doctors use to diagnose and treat problems in the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and pancreas
Endoscopic ultrasound, a minimally invasive procedure that doctors use to assess diseases of the digestive tract and lungs
The endoscopy room’s design helps maximize patient safety during these more complex cases.
The building project cost $3.1 million and took 11 weeks to complete. The construction firm for the project was A&K Construction and Gresham Smith were the architects for the project.