Mercy Health – Springfield announced today it is partnering with to begin utilizing artificial intelligence to assist with faster detection and notification of suspected strokes.

Early stroke detection is the key to treating and minimizing the impact of strokes, but they can be difficult to diagnose. Using a cloud-based artificial intelligence system, the technology alerts neurovascular specialists of a suspected stroke, including those which are the most debilitating. This enables earlier imaging review and better collaboration between physicians. Through a mobile interface, care teams can liaise in real time to analyze scans and decide on the most suitable course of treatment.

“This new technology will transform the way we’re able to deliver stroke care to our patients and our community by allowing our staff to securely communicate and synchronize care all while determining the optimal patient treatment decision,” said Chase Collins, director of neurosciences at Mercy Health – Springfield. “We look forward to seeing improved outcomes.”

Research shows the typical person loses nearly 2 million neurons every minute a stroke goes untreated, making it one of the leading causes of both death and disability in the United States.’s technology can potentially save critical minutes, even hours, in the triage, diagnosis and treatment of strokes by synchronizing care in real time across the whole care team, enabling a new era of synchronized care, where the right patient gets to the right doctor at exactly the right time.

“Whether I’m elsewhere in the hospital or even off site, this technology allows me to read the scans on my phone right away. That speeds up detection and reduces the time needed to gather data for urgent decision-making, such as which treatments are needed or which parts of the brain will be irreparably damaged if not treated,” said Dr. Sushil Lakhani, the stroke medical director for Mercy Health - Springfield.  

The Viz platform is now utilized in more than 900 hospitals across the U.S. and Europe, including many within the Bon Secours Mercy Health network, and touches almost two patients every minute. Learn more about the stroke care we offer at Mercy Health – Springfield by visiting