Earlier today, Mercy Health - Youngstown and the Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center were host to 9 Russian Oncologists that participated in a series of lectures and tours from Mercy Health Physicians on innovative therapies and treatments as well as how to provide highly-coordinated care.

Today’s visit, allows the Joanie Abdu Breast Center to be recognized on a global stage as a cancer care leader. Highly-coordinated care plans that are provided within the walls of a Center that has won numerous awards for patient satisfaction, is what appealed to this group of Oncologists and led them to Youngstown to learn more on how to replicate this level of care.

“Today is truly a testament of Dr. Abdu’s vision for the importance of this Center and the care he promised Joanie that would be provided here in the Valley,” said Mark Murray, Regional Director of Oncology at Mercy Health – Youngstown.  

During their visit, the Oncologists took part in a series of lectures on immunotherapy, 3D mammography and were given a glimpse at how the Center and Mercy coordinates the care plan with all members of the team, including the surgeon, oncologist, patient navigator and pharmacist, to name a few.

“When the Center opened, it made a promise to the community that all are welcome and that their care would be world-class,” Murray said “coordination of care ensures that everyone is in the know as well as allows us to personalize treatment for each of our patients, ensuring the best outcome possible.” he added.

As we continue to recognize the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are reminded to tell those women who may be the Center of our Universe, to schedule their annual mammogram. “Early detection is key and throughout the Month, we take the opportunity to remind all those women we love, that annual examinations are a must.” Murray said.

In addition to the Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center, additional screenings sites include the new Joanie Abdu Mammography, Poland location as well as the Joanie-on-the-Go mobile unit – one of only a few mobile 3D mammography units in the State.  To schedule an appointment – call 330-480-2555.