Frequently Asked Questions

What is the My Mercy Health Mobile App?

The My Mercy Health mobile app is designed to give you access to your health care — including your medical record, doctors, appointments (upcoming and past), billing and more — in one easy place.

The app brings together all of the patient portal functionality that exists today through MyChart and marries it with additional features and capabilities that allows you to manage your health, wellness and access in a streamlined and connected experience.

What is the Difference Between MyChart and My Mercy Health? Do I need a MyChart account to use the My Mercy Health Mobile App?

MyChart is a secure portal that allows self-service access to your Mercy Health medical record. In the My Mercy Health mobile app, we’ve combined the same features from MyChart with additional services and resources to give you more a personalized and robust health care experience at your fingertips.

In order to use the My Mercy Health app to its full potential, you must connect your medical record by providing your Social Security Number (SSN) or existing MyChart username and password.. This is only required one time to link your Mercy Health patient record to your app account.

If you are not yet a Mercy Health patient, or simply do not want to link your medical record, you can still use the My Mercy Health app to browse doctors and locations, get on-demand care, and view and save health resources.

What Kind of Care / Appointments Can I Schedule?

If you are scheduling with your existing Mercy Health primary care provider in the My Mercy Health app, the following appointments are available for booking:

  • Annual Physicals, Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, or Pap Smears
  • In-person and virtual Office Visits for new problems and existing condition follow-ups
  • Pre-Operative Exams
  • Emergency Department Follow-Up Visits
  • If you are looking for a new Mercy Health primary care provider, you can schedule in-person and virtual New Patient Visits.

Who Do I Contact for Technical Support?

If you are experiencing issues in the My Mercy Health app that don’t resolve themselves (some issues may be due to poor internet connectivity and will resolve when your phone has more bars), please contact our Help Desk at: 855-460-1534or submit a support request from within the app.

What Credentials Should I Use to Sign In to the App?

Since the My Mercy Health app is different from MyChart, you will need to create a new account to get started. 

You’ll provide your email address as your username and set a password during account creation. 

Each time you return to the app, you’ll use these credentials to sign in. 

If you are an existing patient, once you’ve created an account and signed in to the My Mercy Health mobile app, you will only have to connect your medical record one time, where prompted. You can use either your Social Security Number (SSN) or your existing MyChart username and password to make this connection.

If you become a patient after downloading the app, you’ll follow this same process once you have a Mercy Health patient record to connect to the app. 

Once you’ve created your My Mercy Health account, you can enable facial/touch recognition to bypass entering your credentials and a security code each time you sign in.

What If My Name and/or Address Changed Recently?

It’s important that you use the same demographic information as it exists in your medical record so that the app can match your account with your patient record. Anytime your name or address changes, you will need to update your medical record. This can be done over the phone or in-person at your doctor’s office.

If the information you entered during registration for the app doesn’t result in a patient match and you expect it to, you can check and update these demographic details within My Profile under the Account section.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment With My Primary Care Provider in the App? 

1.After signing in to My Mercy Health, select your primary care provider from the Care Team and schedule an appointment
Alternatively, you can open Find a Doctor/Doctors and continue with your existing primary care provider

2. Answer COVID-19 and urgent symptom screening questions
Note: If you are experiencing any of these, you may be directed to on-demand virtual care options instead of booking an appointment

3.Select your reason for coming in and answer visit-related questions
Note: Answers to questions will determine your visit type and, in some cases, direct to other care options instead of booking an appointment

4. Select an appointment date/time

5. If scheduling a virtual visit, confirm your location for the selected date/time

6. Confirm/update insurance if needed, and share other visit details for your provider

7. Review details and book your appointment!

How Do I Find a New Provider in the App? 

1. After signing in to My Mercy Health, open Find a Doctor/Doctors

2. If you are prompted with your existing primary care provider, continue to look for a new provider

3. Allow access on your device to location, if prompted

4. Enter a specialty or provider name in the search bar and submit

5. Review results of relevant providers
Note: If no results are displayed, you may need to update the search criteria or your location

6. Select the drop down on a provider to view their practice location(s), phone number and scheduling, if available

7. Select the provider photo to view their full profile

8. Open filters to view additional criteria options for provider results, such as sort order and provider gender, language, accepting new patients or self-scheduling

9. Select desired filter criteria and apply to see updated results
Note: You can save your provider sort and filter preferences for future searches to always see results with this criteria

10. Edit location to change the zip code or radius of your search criteria

11. After applying location changes, be sure to save in order to see updated results

12. Select the map view to see provider results represented on the map

How do I Manage My Medications or Prescriptions in the App? 

1. After signing in to My Mercy Health, open My Health and select Medications

2. To refill an active prescription from your medications list, call the pharmacy where it was last filled

3. To request your provider renew a prescription from your medications list, select to request refill

4. Confirm the pharmacy where your provider should send the prescription

5. Review details and submit renewal request

How Do I View / Pay My Bill in the App? 

1. After signing in to My Mercy Health, open Billing

2. View all of your billing accounts and outstanding balances

3. Select pay now to quickly access payment processing or set up a payment plan

4. Enter payment information for a credit card or bank account

5. You can also select an account to a billing summary/overview

6. Review charges from visits and encounters for this account under Details

7. View payment history for this account under Payments

8. Review statements for this account under Communications

9. View guarantor information and manage paperless billing under Account Info
Note: You can add or update your guarantor details under My Insurance in Account

How Do I Connect a Medical Record to My Profile? 

If you are an existing patient and were successfully matched during app registration, you should be prompted to connect your medical record automatically.

You can provide your Social Security Number (SSN) or your existing MyChart username and password to connect your medical record.

If you don’t see this option and know you are an existing Mercy Health patient, you may have entered demographics during registration that do not match what's on your patient record. You can edit this information under Account > My Profile to force the patient search again.

For additional help, contact the Support Desk at 855-460-1534.

I Never Received an Email and/or Text Verification Code, What Should I Do?

If you don’t receive your verification code via email or text, try resending the code as prompted on the verification screen.

If resending doesn’t work, please contact the Help Desk number: 855-460-1534.

What Should I Do If I Can’t Get My Medical Record Connected in the App?

If you are having issues connecting your medical record via SSN or MyChart username and password, please contact the Support Desk at 855-460-1534.

Can I Access/view a Family Member’s Account?

Proxy capabilities are now available in the My Mercy Health mobile app! Current Mercy Health patients with existing access to a proxy or dependent account can view and manage health care for these patients in the app.

Proxy access at Mercy Health is granted after completing a Proxy Identification Verification for Access form, which can be requested at your or your loved one’s doctor’s office. Talk to your provider about setting up proxy management for your family.

Who Can I Contact for Technical Issues?

If you are experiencing issues in the app that don’t resolve themselves, please contact our Help Desk number: 855-460-1534.