Freestanding 24/7 Emergency Services

 Free Standing Emergency Center Ladder

Our medical teams located in the Perrysburg Medical Center and Sylvania Medical Center provide comprehensive emergency care and imaging/lab services to patients of all ages around-the-clock, seven days a week.

The ERs are designed to treat patients suffering from a wide range of health issues from strokes and heart attacks to respiratory distress, head injury, abdominal pain, sports and orthopaedic injuries and more. We are always prepared to provide care that's better, faster and closer to home!

The only difference between these ERs and a traditional hospital emergency department is that Perrysburg and Sylvania Medical Centers are not physically connected to a hospital. Patients needing to be admitted to the hospital will be treated, stabilized and transported as appropriate. The facilities have immediate access for ambulances and a helipad will be available if needed for rapid transport.

Open 24 Hours Open 24 Hours
Mercy Health — Perrysburg Medical Center
12621 Eckel Junction Road
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
Open 24 Hours Open 24 Hours
Mercy Health — Sylvania Medical Center
3100 King Rd.
Toledo, Ohio 43617