Mercy Family Care

The Mercy Health - Family Care program at Mercy Health - Children's Hospital provides family-centered, supportive healthcare for infants and children who suffer from life-limiting illnesses.  The Mercy Health - Family Care interdisciplinary care team provides individualized support in an environment that gives families emotional shelter, enabling them to reconcile difficult circumstances and make their own informed choices.

Life-limiting illnesses may be diagnosed at birth, and sometimes even before birth, hence the term Mercy Health - Family Care. The Mercy Health - Family Care team reaches out to families that have suffered miscarriage, fetal death, or a death at delivery in addition to helping those whose children survive but face serious health challenges.

Children may be diagnosed with a wide variety of illnesses that are likely to limit normal life-expectancy, including severe birth defects, genetic disorders, brain damage, progressive neurological or metabolic disorders, major organ failure, HIV, cystic fibrosis or cancer. The Mercy Health - Family Care core interdisciplinary team is led by Pam Oatis, M.D., Medical Director. Our lifespan approach to palliative care within a uniquely Catholic healthcare perspective has become well developed and shared with interdisciplinary providers throughout our hospital system, our region and the Midwest.