Nutrition Coaching

We offer customized nutrition counseling and lifestyle coaching services to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Our registered dietitians specializes in nutrition and health coaching in the areas of Weight Management, Child & Adolescent Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and Chronic Discease Management & Prevention.

We offer a variety of service and package options so you can customize your nutrition program to help you achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals. All Nutrition Coaching services are self-pay. We cannot bill insurance providers for our services.
Contact the Nutrition Office at 513-624-1890 to get started today!

Nutrition Coaching Services

Nutrition Coaching Session (60 minutes)
$79 Members, $99 Non-members

  • Initial appointment includes a comprehensive nutrition assessment and nutrition counseling, education and specific nutrition recommendations
  • Follow up nutrition appointments to help address client-specific nutrition needs, build relevant health skills, address barriers to good health, provide ongoing accountability and goal setting

Meal Plan Appointment (90 minutes)
$115 Members, $139 Non-members

  • Creates an individualized meal plan with specific caloric and macronutrient goals based on each client’s nutrition assessment
  • Includes details of specific meals and snacks based on client’s individual needs, preferences and schedule

Accountability Session (30 minutes)
$55 Members, $66 Non-members

  • Follow up sessions once nutrition program has been established. Designed to provide ongoing accountability,  motivation and goal setting
  • Tweaks the established nutrition program to ensure continued results

Grocery Store Tour
$159 Members, $189 Non-members

  • Provides a one on one tour at Kroger Marketplace
  • Learn how to make healthy choices in each major section of the grocery store and how to navigate the aisles with ease

Nutrition Package Options

The Jumpstart Package
$299 Members, $369 Non-members

  • 4 Nutrition Coaching Sessions include a comprehensive nutrition assessment and 3 follow up appointments with a customized meal plan option
  • Helps to establish a sound nutrition program, build skills, address barriers, increase knowledge and provide accountability

Accountability Package
$189 Members, $229 Non-Members

  • An add-on package of 4 x 30 minute sessions
  • Designed to provide ongoing accountability and goal setting
  • Helps clients to build and maintain new health habits
  • Modifies existing nutrition program to ensure continued results

NEW! Corporate Nutrition Lectures

Lunch & Learn Services
We are pleased to offer a new Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learn Services Program.  You may customize your company’s Lunch & Learn series from a selection of current nutrition and health topics, presented in an engaging and interactive format.  Lunch and Learn sessions are available a la carte and in discounted group package options.

  • Individual Seminar (60 minutes)  - $189
  • 3 Part Seminar Series - $499 ($166 / session)
  • 4 Part Seminar Series - $649 ($162 / session)