Patient Safety

Your safety is important to us. While you are in the hospital, take an active role in your care. You are the most important person on our healthcare team. Be active in the decisions related to your care and follow your treatment plan. Research shows that patients who are active in their healthcare get better results. We want you to speak up and ask questions any time.

  • Know your healthcare team (physicians, nurses, and others). Our employees wear photo identification badges. All employees and physicians will be happy to introduce themselves and show identification.

  • Wear your armband at all times. This helps us to correctly identify you when drawing blood, giving you medicines or doing other medical tests. To provide even greater safety, you may be asked to state your full name and date of birth to any healthcare staff involved in your care.

  • Your care team will explain and demonstrate the equipment we use to provide you with increased safety, for example: side rails, devices to assist you in getting out of bed, equipment alarms, etc.

  • Medicines: Keep a list of all the prescribed and over-the-counter medicines you take. Let us know about any vitamins, herb or mineral supplements you may be taking. Make sure that all of your physicians know about your medicines and supplements.

  • Tell us about any medicines to which you are allergic or sensitive. Keep a list of the medicines to which you are allergic.

  • Ask about each medication you receive. Question us if a medication looks different or if the routine changes.

  • Know your treatment plan. Talk with your healthcare team about your treatment plan. It is okay to have a designated family member or friend speak to the team for you.

  • Ask your physician for the results of any tests or procedures.

  • If isolation precautions are being used during your stay, you and your visitors need to follow any instructions about those precautions. If you have questions or don’t understand, please ask your care team. Isolation precautions help us keep infections away. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, and ask your visitors to do the same.

  • If your care team feels you might fall down and hurt yourself, they may take special steps keep you safe. It’s important that you follow the instructions given to you about avoiding a fall.