Patient Services

Room Cleaning

Environmental Services is pleased to maintain the cleanliness of your room.If you have any concerns about the cleanliness of your room, please inform your nurse or refer to the Environmental Services (EVS) card provided for you by our EVS Team.

Linen Changes

Because we strive to be environmentally responsible, your bed linens will be changed on an as needed basis. If you would like your linens changed more often, please notify your nurse. Fresh washcloths, towel, gown and pillowcase are provided daily and as often as needed.


Mercy Health offers “At Your Request “ food delivery to our patients. “At Your Request” allows you to ask for a made-to-order meal for all your meal selections - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here’s how it works:

  • You will have a Room Service menu in your room upon arrival. If you do not see a menu, please ask your nurse for a copy.
  • Orders are called in by the patient to the menu line 6-MENU (6-6368).
  • Your meal will arrive in your room within 45 minutes.

Please note that during your stay, your physician may place you on a special diet related to your medication condition. If you are on a special diet, a dietitian or diet technician will explain your restrictions and assist you with the proper choices from the menu.

If you are not on a special diet but are having difficulty with menu selection or have special dietary needs, please ask your nurse to arrange for a Food and Nutrition Services representative to visit with you.

Pet Visits

Guide dogs, pet therapy, and pet visits may be prearranged and coordinated with the hospital patient unit where the patient resides. This ensures the visit occurs in a safe environment with the risk of disease transmission from animal to human minimized. If you are interest in a pet visit, please inform your nurse.

Telephone and Television Instructions

There is no charge for using the telephone or television in your room. When dialing another hospital department from a hospital phone, dial “6” and the last four digits only. To dial an outside telephone number from a hospital telephone, press “9”, followed by the number. Your care team is happy to assist you in contacting any of these services for you during your stay.

Visiting Hours

At Mercy Health, we understand the value of including family members and friends in the healing process of our patients. For your convenience, we would like to welcome all guests to take advantage of our open visitation policy and visit us anytime the patient wishes.

Visitors are encouraged to stop at the Information Desk located in the Main Lobby for patient room and telephone number information. Please understand that to protect the confidentiality of our patients, nurses and other hospital caregivers may be limited in the information they can provide.

Need a place to retreat? A holistic approach to your health and wellness is an essential factor when it comes to healing. We would encourage you and your visitors to relax and rejuvenate your spirit in our Chapel.