Blood Cancer Center Visitors

The Blood Cancer Center does not have specific visiting hours for our patients staying in non-ICU rooms; however, we recommend visitors limit their visits to 20 minutes at a time to allow patients to rest throughout the day. We recommend that no more than two visitors and a caregiver are in the room at one time.

Visitors should be free from any symptoms of illness when visiting and should not have had any vaccinations in the previous six months. If unsure, please speak with one of the nurses concerning specific situations.

No children under the age of 14 are permitted to visit, but may use the viewing area in the activity room to chat with patients.

Mail and Gifts

The Jewish Hospital volunteers deliver mail daily to patient rooms. Fresh flowers, living plants and floral arrangements with dried components are not permitted on the unit. We want our patients to feel at home during their stay with us, so gifts and personal items from home are encouraged. However, certain items may be restricted due to infection control issues. Please check with the Blood Cancer Center staff before bringing outside items onto the unit.