Gamma Knife® Surgery Treatment of Acoustic Neuroma

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Acoustic neuroma are noncancerous tumors on the main nerve leading from the inner ear to the brain. Patients often notice subtle signs of hearing loss, some high-pitched noise (tinnitus) in one ear, and/or a slight sense of imbalance.

Gamma Knife® has been used to treat acoustic neuroma for many years. Dr. Leksell, the inventor of the Gamma Knife®, treated the first acoustic neuroma with the technique in June 1969, and since then, more than 10,000 acoustic neuroma patients have been treated with this technique worldwide.

Since acoustic neuroma is a very benign type of tumor, it need not be completely destroyed. Instead, the aim is to stop further growth. An acoustic tumor that does not grow will not jeopardize the patient's health in the future. Growth control — shrinkage or no growth — is achieved in at least 95% of the tumors.

In addition to the benefits listed below, The Gamma Knife® and its focused beams of gamma rays almost eliminate the risk of permanent facial weakness and the need for further surgery to restore proper facial functioning including eyelid closing, excessive tearing or dry eye.

With Gamma Knife® surgery, a patient can often:

  • Be treated in one session
  • Experience less damage to healthy cells and tissue
  • Enjoy faster recovery times
  • Gain better quality of life