Psychiatry is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional, addictive and behavioral health disorders. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating these disorders, including their mental and physical aspects.

Patients may visit psychiatrists for long-term problems, such as feelings of overwhelming sadness or hopelessness, or short-term ones like experiencing a panic attack, hallucination, or thoughts of suicide. In addition to speaking with patients to further understand psychological data and genetics, psychiatrists will use a full range of medical and biochemical laboratory tests to make diagnoses.

Severe mental health disorders affect 2.8% of adults. Sub-specialties of psychiatry include neuropsychiatry, emergency psychiatry, addiction and rehabilitation, child psychiatry, adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry and military psychiatry.

We also integrate behavioral health consultants, psychiatrists and psychologists into several Mercy Health Physicians’ primary care offices to provide existing patients with convenient, expert care when it’s needed most. Inpatient, outpatient — or somewhere in between — we make everyone feel at home with Mercy Health.

Why Choose Mercy Health?
Mercy Health offers compassionate, personalized psychiatric health care with a range of treatment options for those who are experiencing changes in mental or behavioral health. Our team of licensed professionals and clinical staff uses the most effective, proven treatment protocols to ensure that everyone has access to the best possible care. We make lives better—mind, body and spirit.

Common Conditions

Anxiety and panic
Appetite problems
Inability to cope
Loss and grieving
Problems concentrating
Relationship difficulties
Suicidal thoughts

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