Photo History

1918   1918
This picture shows the hospital when construction first began in 1918. This building still remains today and is known as the G wing. Established by the Sisters of Mercy, St. Rita's opened its doors early due to a flu epidemic. 
 1947  1947 
Built in 1947, the second addition to the hospital created space for additional patient beds. This building is known today as the F wing. 
 1960  1960
Now known as the E wing, the third addition was built in the 1960's. At that time the main entrance to the medical center was off Market Street. a
 1980  1980's to Today 
Currently St. Rita's Medical Center is licensed for 437 beds. Several expansions and additions over the years have created the building that serves as the heart of the medical center campus today. The front half of the medical center, known as the AB towers, were built in the 1980's as part of the New Century Project.