Call A Nurse Overview

St. Rita's Call A Nurse provides health and wellness information, physician referrals and answers to your health questions. Call A Nurse provides registration for classes, screenings, support groups and much more. A friendly registered nurse is just a phone call away 365 days a year at 419-226-9000 or 800-437-4827. Our services are free and completely confidential. So no matter what your medical question or concern, St. Rita's Call A Nurse has an answer. Highly-skilled, registered nurses provide personalized, accurate answers to your health questions. 

If you are looking for a physician, Call A Nurse can help you find one that fits your family's unique health needs. 

Callers can also access St. Rita's Medical Library Online. The online medical library offers the following categories: Health Illustrated Enclopedia (English & Spanish), and Drug Notes

Many calls describe symptoms of an illness. The nurse can provide information regarding home treatment and recommend follow up with your health care provider or an emergency visit as needed. The service provides peace of mind by making a caring medical professional just a phone call away.