Financial Assistance Program

St. Rita’s Medical Center’s mission is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the health of our communities with an emphasis on people who are poor and underserved.  We care for everyone who comes to us in need regardless of his or her ability to pay. Meeting the needs of people with limited resources has always been at the heart of our mission.

St. Rita’s recognizes the difficulty unexpected medical problems can cause to your finances. We are here to help so that patients can obtain medical benefits from federal, state and hospital programs. We want to assist you in finding resources that may help pay your hospital bill. In fact, every patient who does not have insurance is eligible for discounts. Please read more about our financial programs.

Financial Assistance Policy

We provide financial assistance to uninsured patients. We are here to assist patients in obtaining medical benefits through federal, state, and hospital programs. Our representative will provide the following services at no cost to the patient: 

  • Completion of Financial Assistance Applications
  • Obtain proof of income and/or other information required for assistance
  • Set up payment arrangements on any remaining balances
  • Assist in application process for Medicaid and other governmental programs.

Patients and their counselors look at what options are available. We understand that not everyone can pay for healthcare services. We are here to offer options and assistance for those who are uninsured or underinsured and to serve as patient advocates.

Learn more about the Mercy Health Healthcare Financial Assistance (HFA) Policy and download an application.

Billing Information

St. Rita’s billing and collection policies are consistent with our mission and values. When you receive a bill from St. Rita’s, it covers the services you received at one of our healthcare delivery facilities. You may receive separate bills from your personal physician, surgeon, pathologist or other healthcare professional.

St. Rita’s offers payment by telephone to better serve your needs. Please call 855-423-2182 do the following:

  • Make a payment on your account using a check or credit card.
  • Request an itemized statement.
  • Provide insurance information.
  • Update your address and telephone number.
  • Obtain information on our financial assistance programs and more.

If you have specific questions about your account, our Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Spanish speaking representatives are also available.

  • We repeatedly offer patients access to financial help during their hospital stay and after, as well as with each billing notice. We send bills to collection as a last resort, only:
  • When patients have the ability to pay some portion of their healthcare expenses but refuse to do so
  • When patients refuse to work with us to determine if they qualify for free or discounted care via federal, state, local or hospital assistance programs
  • When we are unable to locate the patient or the person responsible for the bill

Learn more about the Mercy Health Billing and Collections Policy