Patient Responsibilities

As a patient of St. Rita's Medical Center or the parent/guardian of a patient, you have the responsibility to:

  • Provide Accurate and Complete Information Concerning Your Present Complaints, Past Illnesses, Hospitalizations, Medications, Advance Directives and Other Matters Related to your Health or Care
  • Ask Questions When Confused or Uncertain, or If You Want More Information
  • Respect Other Patients and the Staff of St. Rita's
  • Follow your Physician's, Nurse's or Other Healthcare Providers' Instructions
  • Follow Medical Center Policies
  • Keep Appointments
  • Report Any Changes in Your Condition to Your Physician, Nurse or a Caregiver Immediately
  • Provide Accurate and Timely Information Regarding Your Insurance Carrier and/or Your Ability to Pay for Services
  • Inform St. Rita's of Any Concerns You Have Regarding the Service You Receive
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