Take the guesswork out of your fitness program and let a trainer help you develop a program that's right for you. Working with a personal trainer gives you access to a fitness professional who will assess your current fitness level, discuss your fitness goals and establish a plan to help you reach those goals. Plus, trainers will keep you motivated along the way while keeping track of your progress. Nothing is more important than your health.

The personal trainers are skilled in working with:

  • weight loss/gain
  • pre-natal/postpartum training
  • sports-specific training development
  • disease management
  • post physical therapy/orthopedic dysfunction and much more.

What Can a Personal Trainer Do for YOU?
Are you sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts? Here are a few of the things we do as Fitness Professionals to fix common workout mistakes:

  • Train all the muscles and not just the “beach” muscles to keep you balanced and less prone to injury.
  • Incorporate resistance training into a weight loss program to help increase your metabolism and define muscles.
  • Help you learn how many calories you’re taking in and the quality of the food you eat to help your body perform more efficiently.
  • Create different workouts to keep your muscles guessing and your physical composition always improving.
  • Make sure exercises are right for your body to keep workouts safe and decrease the chance of joint problems.
  • Teach athletes how to train their whole bodies, not just isolated muscles, for optimal game performance.

Group Training

Group Personal Training is the wave of the future for training. This style of training provides you with the accountability of a group and the expertise of a trainer, as well as the fun of working out with your friends or family. This is an affordable way to get in shape and have fun. Groups can be created with 2-6 participants. Packages are available in 8 training sessions.

Sport Performance Packages

Becoming an athlete requires more than just work outs. You need nutrition, training and professionals who can improve your movement and recovery. Our sports performance packages are specifically designed to maximize your performance by combining services that work together to achieve your athletic goals. 

What to expect from Sports Performance Packages
Sports performances packages are designed around specific sports or movements common to different sports. 

The Lower Extremity Sports Performance and Injury Prevention package is meant for sports where running, jumping, and cutting are required. This package includes an advanced movement analysis, 2-D motion capture assessment, LE isokinetic strength assessment, bilateral and unilateral balance assessment, and body composition. 

The Upper Extremity Sports Performance and Injury Prevention package
 is meant for racquet sports, swimming sports, and throwing. You will receive an advanced movement analysis, UE isokinetic strength assessment and body composition. 

The Cycling package includes calories per hour, lactate threshold, body composition and bike fitting. 

Our Runner Package has 2 different levels. 
  • Level 1 is meant for novices and includes video running analysis plus a shoe consultation and orthotic referral as needed. You will also receive a lactate threshold, body composition and advanced movement analysis.
  • Level 2 for competitive athletes includes video running analysis, shoe consultation, orthotic referral as needed, lactate threshold, body composition, VO2 Max and calories per hour. 
Triathlete Packages include: 
  • Level 1 for novices include body composition, cycling lactate threshold, running lactate threshold and advanced movement analysis. 
  • Level 2 for competitive athletes will get body composition, cycling lactate threshold, running lactate threshold, video running analysis, cycling and running calories per hour and advanced movement analysis. 

The Golf Performance and Injury Prevention package includes a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) movement screen, video swing analysis and corrective exercise recommendations. 

With the Tennis Performance and Injury Prevention package you will get a Racquetfit movement screen, video service analysis and corrective exercise recommendations. 

The Baseball Performance and Injury Prevention package contains Functional Movement Screen - Tier 1, video pitching analysis and corrective exercise recommendations. 

Total Human Performance Package

Improve athletic performance, reduce injury and correct nutritional strategies with this 3 day series of performance assessments. It includes all Human Performance Assessments and must be completed within a 10-day period with a recommended 1 day of recovery. 

What to expect from the Total Human Performance Package:

Day 1 
Body Composition Assessments
Isokinetic Strength Assessments
2-Dimensional (2D) Motion Capture

Day 2 
Bilateral and Unilateral Balance Assessment 
Gait Analysis 
Running or Cycling Calories per Hour 
Running or Cycling Lactate Threshold 
VO2 Max 

Day 3 
Resting Metabolic Rate 
One (1) hour session with Sports Nutritionist 
Purchase your total human performance package and schedule an appointment today 

Human Performance Program

What is the human performance program?

At Mercy Health we offer a full-service Sports Performance Program to support individuals and athletes of all levels and goals. The program offers a complete range of technological performance assessment counseling and education, training programs and nutritional services. Our Human Performance team is comprised of Orthopedic Medical Doctors, Licensed Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Athletic Trainers and Sports Nutrition/Dieticians. 

What to expect from the human performance program? 

The human performance program is available at 5 HealthPlex locationsin the Cincinnati areas as well as Mercy Health – Center of Excellence, Sports Performance and Rehabilitationand Mercy Health — Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Institute, Sports Performance and Rehabilitation, Kenwood. 

It includes: