Power & Strength Multiplied



Tone & Chisel – Redefine your body through resistance training exercises using free weights, tubing, medicine balls, and stability balls.

Below the Belt – A 30-minute class that uses isolated movements for lifting and toning everything below the belt.

Quick Lift- This muscular endurance class is pure body conditioning.  Work every single major muscle group in your body within 30 minutes. Fatigue guaranteed. We will be utilizing hand weights, and resistance tubes.


Yoga Flow – A challenging, flowing form of yoga designed to increase strength, endurance, flexibility and balance with quick transitions between poses.

Yoga For Fitness – Yoga for fitness is for everybody. It is an active style of Yoga with modifications and principles of alignment which help you to breathe the most effective and open your mind and body to help build core strength.

Core Power Yoga- Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, the Power Yoga sequence will help you build strength and tone, increase flexibility, and find focus. Class is moderately paced so you will learn the fundamental postures and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice. 

4,2,1- low impact foundational fitness class that aids in the maintenance of good posture, balance, and stabilization during every day movement.  This class is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels.


Tabata Tone – Get a total body workout with high intensity interval training combined with resistance training.

Unleash – This class features crosstraining exercises that include fast-paced, strong movement as well as calisthenics. This complete body workout provides non-stop movement and is a great way for you to “unleash” at the end of your day!  All fitness levels welcome.


Core Zone – Muscle conditioning class focuses on abdominals, lower back, shoulders and hip girdles. Enhances abdominal definition, core stability and flexibility in this intense class that will hit you where it counts.

Core Conditioning - High intensity toning and defining the abdominals, obliques, and hips while strengthening the lower back.


To reserve a bike up to 7 days in advance, stop by the Front Desk or call 513-924-8413. Please arrive 10 minutes early for proper bike set up.

Group Cycling – Performed on a stationary bike, this class is based on real terrain rides with a focus on heart rate and cadence. Set to pumping music that will motivate! All fitness levels and ages welcome.