Sports and Recreation

Basketball Coaching - Small Group Training

Coach Mike Mueller, former Head Basketball Coach of Lakota/Lakota West High School,  leads this small group basketball instruction program for boys and girls in grades 2-10.  The program is designed take your child's game to the next level by working on more individualized training and performance.  Classes are held on Wednesdays at 6pm or Saturdays at 11am.

Space is limited to just 6 players per class.  Register at the Front Desk or call 682-1212.

Basketball Coaching - Large Group Clinics

Coach Mike is hosting 90-minute clinics that are great for learning and practicing fundamental skills to be successful in the game.  Clinics are designed for boys and girls in grades 2-10 and will get them ready for their school basketball season.

Register for Basketball Programs at the Front Desk or call 682-1212.

Adult Recreational Basketball

Everyone's welcome as we start up our next round of recreational basketball for adults. Coach Mike rates players and creates even-skilled teams so everyone can compete and have fun!