is the first platform for finding trusted addiction treatment with availability shown in real-time.

The platform has been searched thousands of times in the Greater Cincinnati Region since its launch three months ago.

Local treatment options

Finding a trustworthy treatment program with room for more patients is one of the largest barriers facing individuals struggling with addiction.

When searching for treatment options online, individuals often find out-of-date and confusing information, leading some to consider expensive providers out of state. is changing that by making it easy for anyone to find treatment locally. By staying local, more individuals can take advantage of their insurance and improve their odds of long-term recovery.

“Finding treatment locally at an accredited facility with capacity is one of the largest barriers individuals face on the path to recovery”, says Dr. Jeffrey Bill, Founder & CEO of Sunrise Treatment Centers. “We partnered with to ensure that the community always knows that we’re accredited with the top certifications and accepting patients.” 

Building treatment-on-demand is essential to defeating the addiction crisis

To build the first true treatment-on-demand network, FindLocalTreatment partnered with local accredited treatment providers. 

These providers update their information on the website every day. This ensures that individuals can accurately filter treatment options based on insurance coverage, real-time availability, substance type, and more. 

“Quickly and accurately pairing individuals with local treatment programs that have capacity helps decrease the number of people who fall through the cracks while trying to find help,” says Raj Gupta, co-founder & CEO of FindLocalTreatment.

The platform can be used by any individual or family members seeking treatment. 

Partnering with a local health system to make comprehensive continuum of care possible

Mercy Health, the largest health care system in the region, was one of FindLocalTreatment’s earliest partners.

Treatment-on-demand is one part of a comprehensive continuum of care. That continuum is spearheaded by the Mercy Health Addiction Treatment Collaborative.

The collaborative is a group of accredited addiction treatment providers looking to improve quality, lower costs, and adhere to care coordination and opiate response guidelines. can be used by first responders and care coordinators to connect individuals at any time. 

After a dose of Narcan has been administered, connecting someone to a local treatment center that has availability is critical to begin recovery.

“By combining Narcan availability with treatment-on-demand using, we can bridge the gap between those who need treatment with treatment availability,” notes Larry Graham, MD, President of Mercy Health’s Behavioral Health services. “A comprehensive continuum of care is not possible without integration between addiction treatment providers in the community and a hospital system like Mercy Health. We formed the Mercy Health Addiction Treatment Collaborative to create a path to recovery for any patient who comes into our health system.”

Understanding the crisis in real-time

Connecting people to treatment is crucial, but we have to go even further if we want to end the addiction crisis.

Understanding the demand for treatment services within our communities is critical to developing an effective response. 

What are the most common addictions in our community? When are individuals searching for treatment? Where do we need more resources to battle addiction? 

For the first time, we can answer these questions. 

FindLocalTreatment is partnering with counties across the state to deliver real-time insights and data analytics to better understand addiction within their communities. 

Here’s what they’ve learned about the demand for local treatment options in Cincinnati:

Most common addictions

  • Heroin -- 45%
  • Alcohol -- 20%
  • Prescription opioids -- 13%
  • Benzodiazepines -- 6%
  • Cocaine -- 6%
  • Methamphetamine 6%

Age groups searching for help

  • 18-25 -- 17%
  • 26-35 -- 38%
  • 36-45 -- 25%
  • 45+ -- 19%

Searches for help begin to ramp up after noon, peaking between 4-8 p.m.

72% of addiction treatment providers have room to care for more patients

Next Steps

Today, FindLocalTreatment is the backbone of the treatment-on-demand network within Cincinnati. In the coming months, it will be expanding its platform rapidly to other regions across Ohio and beyond.

If you’re an individual or family member needing to connect to local accredited treatment providers, you can go to at any time.

If you’re an accredited treatment provider looking to join the most accurate listing of treatment options, go to