Mercy Health – Cincinnati, which provides advanced, quality care with compassion in your neighborhood through its care network, invites the community to attend a special celebration in honor of Mercy Health - Rookwood Medical Center’s fifth anniversary.

The 24,000-square foot facility, which includes an emergency department and physician offices, opened in July 2013. The Emergency Department is open 24-hours daily and treated 14,132 patients in its first year in operation. Its care team has cared for more than 76,500 patients for everything from minor illness and injures to major heat attacks and strokes since it opened.

One person who’s grateful for Rookwood Medical Center is Phillip Bossie, a middle school math teacher in Cincinnati. On Jan 5, Bossie felt a pop in his chest and his leg went numb. While a 911 operator suggested he might have pulled a muscle and should rest, Bossie sensed something was wrong and told his wife he needed to go to the emergency room. 

The Bossies initially visited a competitor’s emergency room but when Bossie, bent double and crying in pain was told he wouldn’t be admitted, his wife drove him to Rookwood Medical Center.

“They took me back immediately,” recalls Bossie. 

The emergency medicine physician determined that Bossie had a ruptured aorta. 

“I had ruptured through two of the three layers. If I’d ruptured through the third, I would have bled out,” says Bossie.