IncludeHealth has selected Mercy Health as the first orthopedic group to offer its digital health platform. 

Comprised of an inclusive functional trainer, The Access Strength, and cloud software, The IncludeCloud, The Include Platform is available at Mercy Health — Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, Anderson, located at 7575 Five Mile Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230.

The Access Strength is an inclusive functional trainer that people of all ages and abilities can use. Its rotating arms and adjustable handles allow for an almost unlimited number of upper and lower body exercises on one machine. The unique, award-winning technology transforms to fit the user regardless of size, age, mobility or fitness level and removes many of the barriers found in traditional equipment to provide an equal platform of health for all.

Using the IncludeCloud software, physical therapists can digitize their protocols and load a patient’s exercise routine directly into The Access Strength. The system guides the individuals and therapists through a full routine while recording detailed objective and outcomes-based data in the background. This data collection, along with automated documentation, allows physical therapists to care for more patients daily while accurately monitoring patient progress at a specificity level unavailable previously.

“Our physical therapists will use the data they receive from the Include Platform to study which exercises patients complete successfully and which are causing them difficulty,” said Mike McCormack, Regional Director of Rehabilitation Services for Mercy Health. “They will also determine when a patient’s ability to complete an exercise translates into functional ability, i.e. the ability to perform an action successfully in the real world, such as walk without discomfort, climb stairs, lift objects, etc. We’re excited to use this technology to help us improve the exercise programs we provide our patients so they can return to their daily lives as soon as possible.”

Mercy Health has The Include Platform available to all orthopaedic and sports medicine patients undergoing physical therapy at the Anderson location at no extra cost.

IncludeHealth is a Cincinnati-based digital health company leveraging technology, data and design to transform physical medicine, rehabilitation & wellness. The Include Platform pairs HIPAA compliant cloud software with inclusive strength equipment to produce better outcomes with lower costs via breakthrough capabilities such as outcomes-based data collection, automated documentation, cloud connectivity and universal design. IncludeHealth’s proprietary technology has been recognized with 18 international innovation & health awards and is utilized in orthopedics, neuroscience, pediatric care, senior care, and general wellness. To learn more, visit or connect via twitter (@includehealth) or Facebook (IncludeHealth, Inc.).