Mercy Health is proud to congratulate orthopedic surgeon Richard Miller, DO, on completing 100 surgeries using the NAVIO™ Surgical System for accurate and precise knee replacements.

The 100th surgery took place Monday, Sept. 9 at Mercy Health – Perrysburg Hospital. Dr. Miller specializes in adult reconstructive surgery and joint replacement for hip, knee and shoulder. The Program Director for the Mercy Health - Toledo Orthopedic Residency program, Dr. Miller uses NAVIO robotics for knee surgeries so as to provide a smaller incision and less pain to patients.

“I have performed knee replacements with the standard technique for many years with good results. However, the NAVIO system allows the procedure to be tailored to each patient's exact anatomy, which allows for a more accurate knee replacement surgery,” Dr. Miller said. “I am seeing patients progress more quickly back to their regular activities compared to the standard procedure.”

Unique to Mercy Health in the Toledo region, the NAVIO Surgical System provides consistent results; accurately placed components; and customized planning, all without the need of a costly CT-scan. Available since early 2018, NAVIO is also used by Mercy Health orthopedic surgeons Dr. Brad Morse, Dr. Kirk Davis and Dr. Glenn Whitted.
The NAVIO system includes an advanced computer program that builds a 3D map of the patient’s knee and then relays precise, real-time information to the robotics-assisted handheld tool that is used by the surgeon during surgery. By collecting this type of patient-specific information, the surgeon is able to establish spatial boundaries for the handpiece as it removes the damaged surfaces of the knee, assists with balancing of the ligaments of the joint and helps accurately position the implant.  

Also, unlike other systems that require patients to undergo a pre-operative CT-scan, the NAVIO system from Smith & Nephew is entirely CT-free. Mercy Health hosts regular joint pain seminars to educate patients about the opportunities for surgically-assisted knee replacements.