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State-of-the-art care
Each of our birthing suites is equipped with the latest technology for traditional vaginal births. All cesarean deliveries are performed in our obstetrical surgical suite, which is located on the same floor and equipped to handle any obstetrical emergency. For babies who are born premature or have special needs, our Level II nursery, located just across the hall from our postpartum rooms, provides ventilation and advanced monitoring.

Level II Nursery
Our Level II nursery, equipped with the latest technology, is conveniently located just across the hall from the postpartum rooms. Our nursey cares for babies born prematurely, or those who need a little "tender loving care" during the first few days of life.

Brahms’ Lullaby
When you hear your newborn's first cry... listen for the sweet lullaby. Brahms’ lullaby is played throughout the hospital in celebration of each new little miracle born at Lourdes.