Postpartum Care

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Following your recovery from childbirth, you will be moved to a beautifully appointed private room. Although we encourage rooming-in that will be tailored to your needs, your baby may stay in the newborn nursery. Dads are welcomed to spend the night. Visiting hours are flexible; we do everything possible to ensure that you, your newborn and your family are comfortable on those first days together.

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Newborn Photography

Little Miracles Birthing Center partners with Mom365 for your newborn photographs. Mom365’s web nursery is a secure site and no last names are revealed on their website. At no time will you receive a follow-up visit from the Mom365 staff.  Cameras and camcorders are permitted in the delivery room. Videotaping is allowed, however, the video operator must obtain permission from the delivery obstetrician and follow all delivery room instructions. For the safety of mother, baby, and staff, tripods may not be used. To view your newborn's photos from Mom365, click here.

Lourdes Educational Network
During your stay, you may tune in to the Lourdes Educational Network for 24-hour educational programming. Ask your nurse for instructions.