As a healthcare organization, Mercy Health is uniquely positioned to influence the lives and well-being of both the communities we serve, as well as our own employees and their families. With more than 34,000 employees throughout our health system- and as the fourth largest employer in Ohio – we believe it is our responsibility to champion good health among our own workforce.

Our well-being program, known as Be Well Within, supports employees (and spouses covered on a Mercy Health medical plan) on their personal, lifelong journey to good health and well-being – mind, body and spirit. Through this program, we help inspire healthy habits to reduce the impact of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more. By providing annual Health Screening opportunities and a Well-being Assessment to support personal health awareness and encourage interaction with providers, we aim to help our Mercy Health team feel, live, and be well as they provide reliable service fulfilling our mission. Employees also have access to a personalized wellness portal that offers a wide variety of exciting Challenges, fun programs, and helpful resources to support their healthy goals.  

In many of our facilities, employees may see healthy visual cues and opportunities – such as on-campus walking paths and fitness centers that makes physical activity more convenient, and signage in the cafeterias that makes it easier to identify healthier selections.

We encourage a tobacco-free culture by having tobacco-free campuses and support employees (and covered adult family members on a Mercy Health medical plan) looking to become tobacco free by offering tobacco cessation programs.