Childbirth Education

The Birthing Center at Springfield Regional Medical Center understands the importance of being prepared for the birth of your child as well as care following your pregnancy. We offer a wide variety of childbirth classes for first-time parents and grandparents to infant massage and breastfeeding classes to CPR for newborns and infants.

For more information about the Birthing Center and its offerings, please call 523-3290.

Class/Course Topics

>> First-Time Parents
>> Refresher Course
>> Caesarean Birth
>> Breastfeeding Preparation
>> Breastfeeding Support Groups
>> Infant Massage
>> Essential Baby Care
>> Baby & Me
>> CPR for Infants

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First-Time Parents
Three sessions prepare expectant parents for pregnancy and the labor and delivery process. The three sessions provide information on breathing and relaxation techniques, and the labor and birth process. The series includes a tour of the Birthing Center.

This single session serves as a refresher in childbirth techniques.

Caesarean Birth
This single session deals with the special concerns of women scheduled for a Caesarean section.

Breastfeeding Preparation
A one-time session offering information on "how-to" breastfeeding, tips on getting started, troubleshooting advice and helpful hints.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Through educational programs and interactive discussion, our Breastfeeding Support Group provides positive reinforcement for both the stay-at-home mom and moms returning to the workplace.

Infant Massage
Licensed and certified pregnancy and infant massage therapists encourage parent and child interaction by teaching infant massage techniques to new parents. Infant massage promotes bonding between parents and their newborn.

Essential Baby Care
This session is designed to help parents and grandparents feel comfortable caring for a newborn. The class includes basic skills education such as bathing, and holding an infant, and proper skin care. In addition, participants learn how to take a baby's temperature and when to notify the physician. A variety of safety issues are also covered including handling a choking infant, safe sleep, car seat safety, and home safety guidelines.

Baby and Me
Designed for children between the ages of three and ten, Baby and Me promotes family bonding. The session teaches brothers and sisters about baby care and safety. Also included is a tour of the Birthing Center and an opportunity for big brothers and sisters to make a special gift for the new baby-to-be.

CPR for Infants
Cardiac arrest in infants  usually results from lack of oxygen due to respiratory difficulty or arrest. Sudden infant death syndrome, infections, airway obstruction and injury are just a few of the many problems that can trigger the need for CPR. Because treatment of airway obstruction in infants (less than 1 year) differs from the CPR techniques used on adults, proficiency in infant CPR is an important skill for new parents to develop.

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