During Your Stay

What are the Center’s visiting hours?
Laboring Patients ........... Anytime
Non-Laboring and Post Partum Patients………..Anytime
Visiting hours are for your convenience. Please consider carefully who you would like to attend your labor and delivery.
Baby’s siblings need to be free of any sign of infection or any contagious diseases such as chicken pox or measles. While newborns possess some immunity from disease, exposure to infection of any kind can be harmful.
You will be asked to complete a health history for your baby’s brothers and sisters before they visit. For their own safety, when your children are visiting, they must be accompanied by an adult and remain in your room throughout the visit.
Because it is important for you to get plenty of rest, we ask that you limit visitors as you think appropriate. Many people delay telling friends about their baby’s birth until after they are home in order to enjoy adequate rest and family time early on. If you choose to have visitors while at the Birthing Center, remind them to come during appropriate hours so that you are not disturbed while you are trying to rest.
Who cares for our baby after birth?
Newborn specialists care for your baby while in the hospital. Upon discharge, a pediatrician or family practice doctor of your choice will take care of your baby. If you do not have a physician, the doctor-on-call will assume care of your baby after discharge. If you have not selected a doctor, please notify your nurse upon admission.
What is the hospital’s smoking policy?
For your and your baby’s health and safety, Springfield Regional Medical Center is a smoke-free facility.
What about circumcision?
If you want your baby boy to be circumcised, please notify your nurse upon admission so that arrangements can be made with your obstetrician.
What about breastfeeding?
The Birthing Center staff supports your choice to breastfeed and will be happy to provide instruction on breastfeeding during your stay. We also have a full time lactation consultant (breastfeeding expert) on staff, to assist you.
What about a birth certificate?
Your child’s birth certificate must be completed prior to discharge. We encourage you to decide on a name for your baby before you enter the hospital.
Who places birth announcements?
Many parents choose to provide information to local newspapers about the birth of their baby. The local media provides forms for you to complete if you choose to have this information published.
We recognize that there may be some risk in listing the name and address of newborn babies, so we no longer submit this information to newspapers. We encourage you to consider what information you want printed about your newborn.
Going Home
Do I need a car seat?
Ohio law requires that all infants and children be restrained in an approved car seat. Parents are encouraged to purchase a car seat prior to baby’s birth.
What if we have questions?
Preparing for a new arrival is an exciting and happy time. As your pregnancy progresses, additional questions are bound to arise. If we can help, feel free to call us at 937/523-3290.