WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children, a supplemental food and nutrition program that is funded through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is administered by the Ohio Department of Health.

St. Joseph Warren Hospital is the local sponsor of the program. WIC helps income eligible pregnant and breastfeeding women, women who recently had a baby, infants, and children who are at medical or nutritional risk. The WIC program helps to:

  • Improve pregnancy outcomes by providing or referring to support services necessary for full-term pregnancies.
  • Reduce infant mortality by decreasing the incidence of low birth weight
  • Increase breastfeeding rates among newborns
  • Give infants and children a healthy start in life by providing nutritious food

Women, Infants and Children Main Clinic
The Gibson Building, 258 E. Market Street
Warren, Ohio 44485
Phone: (330) 394-0990
Fax: (330) 394-0961

Girard Satellite Clinic
979 Tibbetts-Wick Road
Girard, Ohio
Phone: (330) 539-1010
Fax: (330) 539-0201

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does WIC provide?

  • Nutrition education
  • Health care referrals
  • Breast-feeding education & support
  • Supplemental foods, including: milk, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, cereal and infant formula

    Why Should You Enroll in WIC?
  • You receive nutritious foods
  • You receive nutrition counseling for yourself and your children
  • You save money. The money saved can be used to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and other items that WIC does not provide.

    Who is Eligible for WIC?
  • To be eligible for WIC appointment, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Pregnant, breast-feeding or a mother with an infant under six months of age.
  • An infant (from birth to 12 months old)
  • A child (ages 1-5 years)
  • Eligibility is determined by the WIC staff on the day of your appointment.

    The main requirements are:
  • Economically eligible - with income verification
  • Trumbull County residency
  • Considered to be at medical or nutritional risk by a WIC health professional

    How can I sign-up for WIC?
  • Signing up for an appointment is as easy as calling for an appointment at the nearest WIC location. In addition to the locations listed above, WIC also travels to satellite
  • locations in Kinsman and Mesopotamia.