Offering support to new and expectant moms.

One of our main priorities are healthier pregnancies, births and lives. Mothers face infant mortality, low birth weight and substance dependency in many of our communities.

In order to achieve our goal, we developed a multitude of program to provide support to women and their children.

Prenatal Care

Early and regular prenatal care improves the chances of a healthier pregnancy, but many women in our communities do not have access to the care they need.

Programs were created to make prenatal visits more accessible to women in our communities, examples include home visits, care coordinators and mobile vans to provide care and education.

Dependency Counseling

With mothers-to-be that are at risk for delivering a child with dependency issues, support is provided to reduce the risk. Programs include care coordination, medication monitoring, sober support, stress management and skill building.

Postnatal Care

Support is continued after delivery to provide care to newborn children, programs focus on connecting children to a medical home and ensuring well-baby check-ups. Programs also include breastfeeding support and safe sleep education.

Support Groups

Throughout a woman's pregnancy journey, social support is extremely beneficial to well-being. Social support group connect mothers in the community to share stories, and offer advice and encouragement. We often find support groups inspire mothers to develop relationships, self-esteem and confidence.

"To be honest, I don't think I'd be where I'm at today, not as great of a mother as I am today."
Program Participant

As a result, we have seen a decrease in infant mortality, an increase in birth weight and a decrease in babies testing positive for illicit drugs at birth for those enrolled in our programs.

Additional Programs

In addition to our programs promoting healthy pregnancies, additional programs exist to further the care for mothers and their children after birth.

  • Healthy Eating — learning to cook healthy meals for the whole family.
  • Car Seat Program — certified car seat technicians teach proper car seat installation and how to safely buckle children into it.
  • CPR Courses — learning to administer CPR to an adult, child or infant.
  • Social Services — assistance in finding out what social service programs are available, and assistance in the application process.