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Compassionate, high-quality health care for Youngstown

Mercy Health — St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital offers you the high-quality health care you need and the compassion you deserve. Our expert doctors, nurses and caregivers are committed to helping you be well in mind, body and spirit.

We are a Level 1 Trauma Center and Primary Stroke Center, equipped to handle the most serious emergencies. A full range of hospital services are available 24/7. 

More information about our services and locations is available through the information on this website.

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Awards and Recognition

  • Ranked number 18 on U.S. News and World Report's Best Regional Hospitals list for 2017-2018.
  • St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital was rated "High Performing" in treatment of heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • 2016 America’s Best Breast Centers -- Women's Choice Award®.
  • Full Chest Pain Center with PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) Accreditation.
  • Get With The Guidelines® Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award with Target: StrokeSM Honor Roll Elite Plus.

Centers, Programs and Departments at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital

Mercy Health — St. Elizabeth Youngstown Robotic Surgery Center

The St. Elizabeth Robotic Surgery Center brought minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgery to the Mahoning Valley in 2007 with the da Vinci surgical system. It was the first and only health-care provider within a 50-mile radius of Youngstown to offer specialized robot-assisted surgical procedures. Since then, the specially trained physicians and operative team at the St. Elizabeth Robotic Surgery Center have completed more than 1,000 robot-assisted surgeries.
The St. Elizabeth Robotic Surgery Center offers men and women of northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania minimally invasive treatment options for a wide range of conditions. Surgeries performed using the da Vinci surgical system include urologic procedures to treat prostate cancer, gynecologic procedures including hysterectomy and general surgical procedures.


Robotic Surgery - Gynecology


Unlike traditional open gynecologic surgery, which involves a large incision that provides ready access to the patient’s uterus and surrounding anatomy, robot-assisted gynecologic procedures employ only a few tiny, 1- to 2-centimeter incisions.
The da Vinci surgical system enables surgeons to perform extremely delicate and complex procedures through these tiny incisions by providing a superior view of the surgical field and improving surgical precision through enhanced dexterity and control of the surgical instruments.
The benefits to the patient are:

  • Significantly less pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Fewer complications
  • Less scarring
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster return to normal activities

Surgeons at St. Elizabeth Robotic Surgery Center are experienced in performing robot-assisted hysterectomy, myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids) and sacrocopopexy (pelvic prolapse repair).


Robotic Surgery - Urology


Facing any kind of urologic surgery creates a great deal of anxiety for most men. Among your concerns is: “Will my body function normally following surgery?” Traditional open urologic surgery – in which large incisions are made to access the pelvic organs – has been the standard approach when surgery is warranted. Yet common drawbacks of this procedure include significant post-surgical pain, a lengthy recovery and an unpredictable, potentially long-term impact on continence and sexual function. Fortunately, less invasive surgical options are available to many patients facing urologic surgery. The most common of these is laparoscopy, which uses small incisions. While laparoscopy can be very effective for many routine procedures, limitations of this technology prevent its use for more complex urologic surgeries.
A new category of surgery, introduced with the development of the da Vinci® Surgical System, is being used by an increasing number of surgeons worldwide for prostatectomy and other urologic procedures. This minimally invasive approach, utilizing the latest in surgical and robotics technologies, is ideal for delicate urologic surgery. This includes prostatectomy, in which the target site is not only tightly confined but also surrounded by nerves affecting urinary control and sexual function. Using da Vinci, your surgeon has a better tool to spare surrounding nerves, which may enhance both your recovery and clinical outcomes.
da Vinci Prostatectomy

Referred to as robotic surgery for prostate cancer or robotic prostatectomy, da Vinci® Prostatectomy is more accurately a robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgery that is quickly becoming the preferred treatment for removal of the prostate following early diagnosis of prostate cancer. In fact, studies suggest that da Vinci Prostatectomy may be the most effective, least invasive prostate surgery performed today.