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Mercy Health is the largest healthcare system in Ohio, and one of the largest non-profit systems in the country. The depth and breadth of our delegation of elected officials provides our ministry with ample opportunities to address an array of issues important to patients, employees and providers. Within an ever-changing landscape throughout healthcare coupled with unprecedented government budgetary challenges, Mercy Health Advocacy and Government Relations supports:
Systemic healthcare reform to achieve coverage and access to quality care for all in a cost-effective system of care
Greater transparency in the healthcare system through improved patient-centric information
Eliminating care and process inefficiencies that add costs without delivering patient value
Increasing recognition of innovative quality improving practices as models for providing one standard of high quality care for all
Fair payment for hospitals and other provider groups focused on improving incentives.

Legislative and regulatory decisions made at all levels of government continue to dramatically influence the fabric of healthcare delivery. These decisions also impact Mercy Health's ability to fulfill its Mission of extending the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the health of our communities with emphasis on people who are poor and underserved. We strive to influence public policy through successful advocacy initiatives.

For more information about Mercy Health's advocacy efforts, please contact Jon Fishpaw, Mercy Health's vice president of advocacy and government relations, at We also invite you to access Mercy Health's Point of View so that you can gather background information on issues that are important to Mercy Health and communicate with legislators on issues that impact our ministry.

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