Volunteer in Cincinnati

At Mercy Health — Cincinnati, we value and respect our dedicated volunteers. Their service makes a difference for our patients every day.

Adult Volunteers must successfully complete an application process, which includes reference checks, background checks and an interview.  This process promotes a positive and mutually beneficial volunteer experience for both the individual and the hospital.  Volunteers then are scheduled to attend a hospital orientation. 

Student volunteers (age 16+) must also successfully complete an application process which includes a review of immunization records, a High School Faculty Recommendation Form and parental consent. An interview may follow, and student volunteers also attend a hospital orientation.  

Volunteers should be prepared to perform at least 50 hours of service over the course of a year.

Mercy Health provides all volunteers with the required TB screening(s), prior to beginning their volunteer service.

Download application

To learn more, contact the Director of Volunteer Services from the facility where you would like to volunteer. Completed applications should be submitted to these representatives.

The Jewish Hospital — Mercy Health
Toni Kanter, takanter@mercy.com

Mercy Health — Anderson Hospital
Tracy Taylor, ttaylor0@mercy.com

Mercy Health — Clermont Hospital
Tracy Taylor, ttaylor0@mercy.com

Mercy Health — Fairfield Hospital
Susan Burns, scburns@mercy.com

Mercy Health — West Hospital
Alice Wanninger, alwanninger@mercy.com