Community Mercy Med Assist

Making sure needed medicine is available is what Med Assist and Med Assist Plus are all about. Low income families who are uninsured, underinsured or do not qualify for Medicaid too often are faced with choosing between the purchase of medication or covering other essential costs. Med Assist works with other existing community resources to help cover medication costs for those with limited resources. Med Assist Plus is designed to coordinate assistance through pharmaceutical companies for higher cost medications.

Med Assist is part of the fundamental Community Mercy Health Partners mission to serve people in need.

Med Assist establishes a network to see that medication needs are met. The Community Mercy Med Assist programs work with social service agencies, churches, families and physicians to develop solutions to individual needs. Med Assist monies are earmaked to help fill the gaps when other sources fail to meet medication costs.

Local pharmacies also work with Med Assist on the project. Participating pharmacies are reimbursed through a voucher system. Med Assist Plus is a joint effort of Community Mercy Health Partners and several pharmaceutical firms to help cover the costs of more expensive medications.

Referrals to the program are screened through the Med Assist office to ensure that all avenues of area assistance are explored. Candidates must complete a brief series of questions to meet a "needs" test.

Making Community Mercy Med Assist referrals is simple. If you have patients, clients or parishioners who may qualify for Med Assist, please download our application, complete and return the referral form to addresses listed. The Med Assist office will initiate appropriate contact and evaluation to determine whether Med Assist, Med Assist Plus or some other resource is available to help. We will be happy to seek long-term solutions to each individual situation, and where possible, will provide ongoing support for chronic and/or acute medication needs.

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