Community Mercy REACH

Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Outpatient Treatment Program

Community Mercy REACH extends quality, compassionate care to adults and youth who face one of today's most pervasive problems - alcohol and drug use. REACH's licensed chemical dependency counselors specialize in outpatient treatment and intervention to help free adults and adolescents from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Treatment is provided through individual, group and family counseling.

Community Mercy REACH offers:

  • Outpatient treatment program
  • Community education programming to help youth and others avoid the pain of addiction
  • Conducts Drug Free Safety Program training required by the Bureau of Workers Compensation

Smoking Cessation

Whether you are a lifelong smoker or have recently picked up the habit, now is the time to quit--and we can help! The Community Mercy REACH Smoking Cessation Program is one of the most successful programs in the counties. 

To help you succeed, Community Mercy REACH offers a dedicated team of healthcare and addiction specialists who work with you to meet your specific needs:

  • A certified tobacco addiction specialist
  • A certified respiratory therapist
  • A clinical dietitian
  • A cardiopulmonary wellness specialist

The program includes a variety of special features to help you succeed:

  • Individual and group classes
  • Additional therapies available in conjunction with counseling, such as nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, lozenges and medication
  • Nutrition/weight control program available to help you reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle
  • Strategies for replacing negative habits with healthful ones and for preventing relapses

Community Mercy REACH office locations:

MercyCrest Medical Building
30 W. McCreight Ave., Suite 204
Springfield, Ohio

Mercy Memorial Hospital
904 Scioto St.
Urbana, Ohio