When you’re struggling with addiction, you need a place where people understand your challenges. Community Mercy REACH is that place. Our professionals provide caring treatment and work with you to help you recover and rebuild your life.

Outpatient treatment

With individualized treatment plans and clinical guidance by our qualified, licensed professionals, people with addiction learn to address factors in their lives that contribute to their abuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Mercy REACH is offering a new level of care to meet the sobrietyneeds of individuals struggling with addiction. IOP offers extended hours of clinical
treatment during the program to provide structured psychosocial education, group therapy and sobriety skills.


Individuals struggling with opiates or alcohol addiction can experience extreme physical discomfort when stopping the opiate or alcohol drug.Mercy REACH
requires a clinical assessment prior to scheduled placement at Springfield Regional Medical Center for detoxificationservices. This is a scheduled admission.

Smoking cessation program and tobacco outpatient treatment

Our innovative cessation program helps many people quit any type of tobacco use, and a licensed, certified therapist leads our highly successful outpatient tobacco treatment programs. Out in the community, we help businesses become tobacco free and we offer on-site smoking cessation programs.

Prevention and education

Community Mercy REACH provides free community programs to help others avoid alcohol, drugs and tobacco abuse. As part of our service to the community we:
• Teach children and adults about alcohol, drugs and tobacco
• Give educational presentation for schools, churches and other organizations
• Participate at local health fairs and company programs

For more information, call Community Mercy REACH at:
937-390-5338 (Springfield)
or 937-653-3001 (Urbana).

Community Mercy Foundation Annual Gala November 17

Community Mercy Foundation announces that its annual gala will take place on Friday, November 17, in the former JC Penney at Upper Valley Mall, located at 1475 Upper Valley Pike. This year’s gala, titled Kaleidoscope of Hope, benefits Mercy REACH (Recovery, Education, Advocacy, Care and Hope). Funds raised will allow Mercy Health – Springfield Regional Medical Center and Urbana Hospital to expand the services provided to those recovering from and being treated for addiction and also provide funding for preventive efforts in area schools.

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