Where healing begins

Detox is a difficult journey. The first few days are crucial. The Medical Detox Program gives people on this journey the treatment, guidance and support they need during this critical time.

Dedicated, expert staff

During the first days of detox, each person has their own needs for medical care and other kinds of support. In the Medical Detox Program, our team of experts honors each person’s uniqueness and surrounds them with care that’s most appropriate. Each patient’s team includes:
• A doctor: assesses physical condition and directs medical care
• A nurse: monitors, provides care and carries out the detox treatment plan
• A Community Mercy REACH therapist: assesses for treatment needed after leaving medical detox
• A case worker: identifies community resources for support after discharge
• A chaplain: listens and gives emotional and spiritual support

Preparation for leaving the program

After completing the detox progam, all patients need to continue some form of treatment. Licensed chemical dependency counselors help patients and their families cope with the challenges of recovery from substance abuse. Stability is essential for successful recovery. Social workers assess the needs of each person and connect them with food pantries, housing programs and other support organizations. This help enables patients to focus solely on recovery.

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