Your volunteer contribution counts

Our thousands of volunteers make a positive difference in the communities we serve, and are truly making lives better through their work and dedication.

Volunteering benefits

There are many studies and reports that suggest volunteering provides both health and social benefits. These who volunteer often have greater functional ability and lower rates of depression than those who do not choose to volunteer.  In addition, volunteers:
 Gain valuable experience
 Gain satisfaction and happiness in doing for others
 Develop new friendships
 Reduce stress
 Use their skills and talents to help others
 Have an opportunity to explore career opportunities
 Receive a free flu immunization

Volunteer opportunities

There are a variety of fulfilling volunteer opportunities available for adults and teens throughout the Mercy Health ministry. These vary by location but may include:
 Transporting patients
 Escorting patients and visitors
 Delivering flowers and mail to patients
 Staffing the front desk
 Working in the gift shop
 Serving as a Eucharistic Minister
 Assisting with clerical duties
 Veteran’s Visitation
 Music Visitation

Some volunteers donate one shift or day per month, while others volunteer weekly. Day and evening volunteers are needed, and our team will work with you to determine a schedule that makes sense.

Volunteer requirements

Volunteers can be found in nearly every department in Mercy Health. Wherever they serve, their presence is felt, and their service is invaluable. Although specific requirements may vary in each region, we do require that volunteers:
 Have an interest in healthcare and patient needs
 Be committed to the Mercy Health Mission and our Promise to make lives better and healthcare easier
 Observe confidentiality
 Commit to the assigned schedule
 Obtain health clearance from your doctor

To learn more and apply

To learn more about volunteering at Mercy Health, please contact the volunteer coordinator in your area by selecting from the left-side navigation menu. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to meeting you.