The Mercy Health Research & Innovation group operates as a research and innovation hub for the ministry and is well known by industry partners as providing a single point of seamless and easy entry for multi-site trials that provides access to a system of community hospitals.

Research & Innovation is integral to Mercy Health’s mission to improving the health of our communities, providing patients with the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research and supporting and growing clinical research and innovation with the priority to drive improvements in standard of care for our patients.


Research is a critical element of Mercy Health’s goal to provide amazing patient care. Through a vast array of therapeutic and device trials, Mercy Health is focused on participating in leading-edge clinical research. Our Research and Innovation team fields clinical trial opportunities such as industry sponsored studies, investigator initiated studies and Graduate Medical Education studies. Mercy Health strives to provide high-quality, efficient research services with a goal to develop external and internal partnerships to bridge the gap in our services and serve as the entry point for research, as well as to develop relationships with industry partners to identify new projects early and grow the Mercy Health research pipeline. 


Mercy Health is taking a strategic approach to innovation. That approach includes memberships and partnerships in multiple health system cohorts, such as Avia and the Innovation Institute, with a goal to foster outside-in innovation and inside-out innovation, direct investments in early staged companies and innovation fund investments in healthcare innovation incubators.

It is through our lens on research and innovation that we have the ability to change the way we look at and deliver health care in more innovative and seamless ways.

For questions or inquiries related to our clinical research work, please email: