To better the Mercy Health Sponsorship Program, the sponsorship guidelines have been revised to streamline the application review process in support of an event that is regional in scope.  Applications received from local and nonprofit organizations that have initiatives / activities that closely align with our Mission, Core Values, current health priorities, Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), and / or can demonstrate efforts for reducing opioid misuse & addiction, and infant mortally will be given preference for funding.

Please review the revised Sponsorship Guidelines to ensure your application is given full consideration for a sponsorship.  Sponsorship funding is limited based on annual budgetary allocations, our health priorities and adherence to our sponsorship guidelines.  Support will be given to local and nonprofit organizations in support of one event per calendar year.  If your organization produces a series of events throughout the calendar year, please request the entire series in one application.

Sponsorship applications are reviewed monthly. Only online applications will be accepted.

To determine if your event qualifies for sponsorship funding, please review the sponsorship guidelines for further details. Click here to access the sponsorship guidelines.

Apply for Sponsorship

The sponsorship application may be accessed by clicking the button above. Applicants will need to set up an account.

Questions regarding the sponsorship process may be emailed to

Thank you for all of the good work you do in our community and for your partnership with Mercy Health.


The Sponsorship Committee