Mercy Health — Lourdes Hospital welcomes the opportunity to help support needs that align with our mission to improve the health of our communities. We must also be good stewards of our resources and are able to support a finite number of projects each year.  In general our sponsorship and donations support broad reaching, health related charitable causes that contribute to the direct health and wellness of the citizens in our community and are in line with the needs identified in our latest Community Health Needs Assessment.

If your organization would like to be considered for a sponsorship or donation please complete the donation request form below. 

Application Process:

  • All sponsorship and donation requests must be submitted using the online application process.
  • Requests for $1000 or more need to be submitted by August 1 to be considered for support during the following calendar year.
  • For requests less than $1000, complete this form six months prior to the deadline for receiving funds or the date of the event to allow ample time for our review process. 
  • Current, signed W-9 form must accompany request form.
  • Requests are reviewed by a leadership team.
  • Responses will be emailed to the contact person listed on the request form.

Preference for donations and sponsorship will be dependent on but not limited to:

  • Health and wellness that leads to community benefit
  • Support a strategic service or program
  • Support for programs that advance the mission of Mercy Health — Kentucky and its Catholic identity
  • Support organizations with good standing and positive community image

Sponsorship and donations are not able to support:

  • Individuals
  • Sports organizations
  • Candidates for office
  • Travel costs
  • Programs impacting a small group of individuals or that do not impact the health and wellness of the community at large