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  Breakfast Club |Grand Rounds
Care of the Obstetrics Patient 
in the ED
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CPC Conference
Topic: An Unusual
Mass of the Breast

   Hand Hygiene Stand Down
 Stand down FAQs
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    Cardiovascular Grand Rounds | Throw It in Reverse: Reversal Agents for Antithrombotic Therapy        
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Medical Staff Meeting CME Activity |Preventing Medical Errors in the EHR Era            
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            Breakfast Club Grand Rounds| Syncope in Children: Benign and Not So Benign
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  Neonatology Grand Rounds |Care of the High-risk Preterm Neonate in the Golden Hour          
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DEA Announces Major Change to Registration  CMS Drops Pain Questions From Satisfaction Surveys 

Adult vs. Pediatric Patient Age Guidelines 

 Mercy Health St. Rita's Scholarship
EHR Key Takeways Daily MED per capita Q3 2016
Pneumbra CarePATH Formulary
MHS Macra Inpatient Survey Pain Questions April 2015 
The Heroism of Incremental Care OARRS
MyChart Vaccines Reminder Inpatient Survey April 2015
Save the Date Suicide Prevention Workshop.2017
Point-of-care glucose testing in the critically ill patient
Preventing Healthcare Liability Opioid doses dispensed Ohio Jan. 2017 Recruit Flyer for Newsletter
Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) Program
Ohio Board of Nursing Fall 16 2017 Committee Members   Macra Mythbusters

Anger and the Undoing of Great Physicians Cardiovascular Symposium Brochure  Antimicrobial Stewardship Pearl Why Some People Get Burned Out and Others Don't 
Opioid Disposal Program a Tremendous Success CarePATH Upgrade Medical Staff Memo 2017 HPIO Health Value Dashboard One simple way to curb opiod overuse 
Trump Administration Calls for Regulatory Freeze, with Potential Impact to Healthcare Rules You Said - We Heard.Physician to Physician Communication Are your prescribing practices similar to others in your specialty WSU Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AG-ACNP)
Post-Master’s Program
You Said . . . We Heard  Cipro Susceptibility Testing Notice  RSA Coding Query Workflow   WSU ADVANCED PHARMACOLOGY COURSE

 NVML Protocol - iStat glucose for critically ill patients How to Get Patients to Take More Control of Their Medical Decisions  CarePATH Formulary
Secure Messaging Policy  CarePath
Newsletter Telemetry 
Press Ganey In Patient Questions Physician  Changes to the CarePATH OARRS Report Query Workflow on 5-2-2017   
Surviving Sepsis CIN ODH Lyme Memo CDC Opioids  Curbing Opioid overuse  Opioid doses dispensed in Ohio Opioid per county Pharmacy Practice News - Opioid Disposal