Medical Staff Committee Membership 2017

Medical Staff Functions Credentials & Constitution   Medicine QI Critical Care  Infection Control 
 R. R. Capone, MD, Chairman  A. P. Cook, MD, Chairman  J. O. Ukiwe, MD, Chairman E. S. Kirschner, MD, Chairman  Shawn Ward, DPM - Chairman 
 K.L. Azeez, MD  J.N. Boulter, MD  O. A. Abdulrahman, MD V. Agarwal, MD  S. M. Beraki, MD 
 H. A. Buch, MD  R. R. Capone, MD  K. O. Agoro, MD S. R. Chanamolu, MD  S. E. Dunkle-Blatter, MD 
 S. L. Hubbell, MD  E. B. Fisher, MD  A. Azad, MD A. S. Hovest, MD  K. M. Griffith, MD 
 M.T. Kuhn, MD  J. D. Heitmeyer, DO  H. A. Buch, MD D. A. Patel, MD  R. K. Kamepalli, MD 
   M. T. Kuhn, MD  E. S. Kirschner, MD A. L. Patton, DO  E. S. Kirschner, MD 
   D. L. Imler, DO  J. E. Kurland, MD R. P. Pohl, MD   
     D. D. Powell, DO    
 Emergency Medicine QI Anesthesia QI  Pathology QI  Radiology QI  Pharmacy & Therapeutics 
 J. N, Boulter, MD, Chairman P.A. Pasion, DO, Chairman  J.J. Sreenan, MD, Chairman  P.G. Knabe, MD, Chairman  E. L. Tremoulis, MD, Chairman 
 H. A. Buch, MD  K. M. Hanover, MD A. M. Gideon, MD  T. W. Church, Md  Z. A. Abdelbaki, MD 
J. Cui, MD  P. Parsa, MD  K. M. Griffith, MD  A. P. Cook, MD  S. M. Beraki, MD 
M. D. Martz, DO  A. M. Shirk, DO  M. T. Kuhn, MD  R. E. Decanio, MD  K. M. Griffith, MD 
G. A. Poturalski, MD    E. L. Malcolm, MD  K. R. Killough, MD  H. B. Kifetew, MD 
 S. P. Yamaguchi, MD   S. I. Odronic, Md  P. L. McCutchan, MD  M. A. Myers, MD 
     A. L. Patton, DO J. A. Miller, MD  R. P. Pohl, MD 
       H. A. Moukaddam, MD S. E. Rinesmith, MD 
       N. A. Nelson, MD M. Rivera-Weiss, MD 
       V. L. Perez, DO M. M. Tatad, MD
       B. R. Rush, Do J. A. Ukiwe, MD 
 Cancer Committee Trauma Performance Improvement  Surgical and Invasive Procedure Review  Cardiovascular QI  Perinatal Quality Improvement Committee 
 S. J. Herrington, PhD, MD, Chairperson M. T. Sheehan, MD, Chairman  J. M. Wisser, DO, Chairman  R. L. Pohl, MD, Co-Chairman  V. L. Stallkamp, MD, Chairperson 
 R. R. Capone, MD P. Balusu, MD  J. D. Bowersock, MD  A. M. Shaheen, MD, Co-Chairman  R.S. Bajwa, MD 
 T. J. Hixenbaugh, MD R. L. Baker, MD  A.B.Bradley,MD Z. A. Abdelbaki, MD D. E. Barbu, MD
 E. K. Malcolm, MD  J. D. Bowersock, MD  E. B. Fisher, MD O. Abdulrahman. MD   A. B. Bradley, MD
J. A. Miller, MD  D. A. Cooley, MD   N. T. Hensley, DPM B. W. Ayele, MD  T. L. Herrick, MD 
C. A. Rhoades, MD  S. P. Haman, MD/G. A. Schniegenberg, MD  T. J. Hixenbaugh, MD  T. W. Church, MD  M. J. Kindig, DO 
   K. M. Hanover, MD/P. A. Pasion, MD E. S. Kirschner, MD   R. E. Decanio, MD  V. W. Romero, MD
   T. J. Hixenbaugh, MD C. A. Nicholson, MD  C. J. Hynes, III, MD  M. M. Tatad, MD 
   N. A. Nelson, MD S. L. Olt, MD   C. A. Imm, MD  
  V. W. Romero, MD  P. A. Pasion, DO   J. A. Kato, MD  
   J. M. Wisser, DO S. M. Patel, MD   H. R. Makwana, MD  
    G. I. Representative   N. Azie, MD  
    S. I. Odronic, MD  P. Parsa, MD   
     Radiology Representative    


Medical Executive Committee

D. M. Haycock, Chief of Staff 2017-2018 
N. A. Nelson, MD - Chief of Staff - Elect 2017-2018 
T. L. Herrick, MD - Secretary/Treasurer 2017-2018 
S. E. Rinesmith, MD, Past Chief of Staff 2017-2018 
M. T. Kuhn, MD, Member at-Large 2015-2017 
S. D. McNeal, MD, Member at-Large 2016-2018
S. R. Chanamolu, MD - Member at-Large 2017-2019


Department/Division Chiefs/Chairs

Surgery Department Selvon St. Clair, MD 
Anesthesia Jeremy Heitmeyer, DO 
Cardio-Thoracic Ronald Pohl, MD 
General Surgery Jason Bowersock, MD 
Neurosurgery Mario Ammirati, MD 
Ob/Gyn Tammy Herrick, MD 
Oncology/Hematology Division Chris Rhoades 
Ophthalmology Mary Shenouda, MD 
Oral Surgery Brian Luna, DDS 
Orthopedics Samir Patel, MD
Podiatry Allison Niemeyer, DPM 
Plastics Matthew Akers, MD 
Urology Craig Nicholson 
Department of Medicine Eric Fisher, MD 
Cardiology Zoheir Abdelbaki, MD 
Gastroenterology Jayde Kurland, MD 
Hospitalist Asad Ali, MD 
Internal Medicine Oluremi Ojo, MD 
Infectious Disease Solomon Beraki, MD 
Neurology Ali Almudallal, MD 
Nephrology Jonah Ukiwe, MD 
Physical Medicine Matthew Owens, MD 
Psychiatry Division Eddy Bruno, MD 
Psychology Esther Strahan, MD 
Pulmonary Sreenivasa Chanamolu, MD 
Primary Care Department  Mark Mueller, MD
Emergency Steven Yamaguchi, MD 
Family Practice Mark Kahle, MD 
Pediatrics Sheilla McNeal, MD 
Hospital-Based Services Nicole Nelson, MD 
Pathology Elsa Malcolm, MD 
Radiation Oncology Sandra Herrington, MD 
Radiology Raymond Decanio, MD